Fat Monster


One of the first street artists in Latvia, who has based his artistic style on a multiform repetition of one specific image – Kiwie monster character, gaining recognition among artists not only in Latvia, but also abroad. KIWIE is mixing street art with product, graphic, and fashion design in the bowl of contemporary art. The funny, usually smiling, pudgy critter on the walls and the streets all over the world is alive from year 2005.

KIWIE has participated in many graffiti and street art festivals around the world, taken part in group shows, as well as organised solo exhibitions. In 2016, one of the artist’s solo shows “MIMIK” took place at “Riga Art Space” and gathered a record number of visitors at the opening night – 1360, and 3167 in total during the exhibition.

To date, some of the most emblematic commissioned works of KIWIE are, for example, the project “Gray Rainbow”, which was created in 2013. It is the first large scale mural graffiti painting in Latvia – 250 m2 big and 22m high. There is also the project “The Black Duke of Lancaster” which took place in Wales, U.K., where Kiwie spray painted a Cruise Liner, son of TITANIC.

In 2014, KIWIE executed the biggest graffiti mural in the Baltic states. Titled “Sun, Thunder and Daugava”, the works can be found in one of the streets of Riga, the capital of Latvia, and it covers approximately 800 m2 of the wall surface. This work was created during a street art festival, and KIWIE did it together with the street artist Rudens Stencil. They used more than 1500 spray-paint cans to finish this work. The subject of the mural represents authentic motifs from the woven belt of the tradition folk culture of Latvia, specific to the Lielvārde region, – a symbol of the Latvian identity.

With a background in graphic, product and fashion design, KIWIE constantly pushes the boundaries in mixing all these elements together, creating not only unique murals of street art, and colorful canvas paintings, often large scale, but also fashion products and accessories with unseen concepts. KIWIE says: “I am in constant search for new ideas, mixing the usual with the unusual, creating the weirdest concept combinations possible of my alien monster characters who invades the walls of cities around the world.”

For the artist, it is a never-ending story. The energy he receives back from the people who follow his art and support him, makes him constantly seek new creative ideas and give back to the community.


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